My name is Kelly- I’m a 23 year old Public Health graduate looking to merge all of my passions into one, the result being my blog K State of Mind. I have a lot of interests, primarily health and wellness, fitness, writing, and giving back through Fashion for Conservation. I want to share all these interests with you through my own lens.

So much of what I personally strive for involves the b a l a n c e of multiple interests and passions. I was a collegiate tennis player at two universities, where I built traits of time management, drive, and work ethic. Sports have been a major part of my life and being an athlete has prepared me for my future career. Athletics have made me passionate about nutrition, positive mental health, and maintaining a sense of self-awareness and self-care.

I consider myself an athlete, freelance photographer, as well as occasional artist. We are all so many things, we have such interesting contributions to offer. I hope you find mine enjoyable!

Be bright. Be bold. xx