Fashion for Conservation: My New Blogger Position ♥

Hi everyone,

So I’ve done a little re-vamping of the blog to better narrow my future writing pieces. I have accepted a position as the lead blogger for Fashion for Conservation here in Seattle, Washington. I plan to run the blog and set a time schedule, plan interviews of featured staff and fashion icons in the industry, as well as photograph them.

The feature photo was taken at the Conservation Catwalk in Seattle held at the University of Washington Gould Hall, when I was just an event volunteer. But not many people can say they walked down a runway hand in hand with their mother! Participating back then wasn’t for building my resume or future career networks given I wasn’t a blogger then. Now I am so excited to become a part of this project.

CC crown

I will be distributing the photos and written pieces through the company as well as on my personal Instagram and blog here on kstateofmind. I sincerely hope you all enjoy the upcoming content, and see my progress with my creative side in the world of sustainable fashion!

Essentially, Fashion for Conservation (FFC) is designed to merge fashion and animals. Those who love both, this is an unbeatable idea. Designs and patterns are  inspired by animals that we admire in the wild. Designers show their creativity through a different eye, one that supports the coexistence of humans and animals.

Elephantasia cp .jpg

One of the projects that will be finishing at the end of 2017 is Elephantasia, fashion shows and events put on to support the conservation and treatment of elephants around the world, particularly in African regions. Twelve designers have contributed to making high end fashion for the sake of elephant conservation.

Elephant model

Such beautiful creatures exist in this world with dangers of extinction. I am very inspired by taking on this role and including my work on my personal blog, so stay tuned for upcoming content!

For my photography: My Instagram handle is kmzwicker.

All the best,


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K State of Mind

Hi beautiful people! I’m Kelly, a public health graduate hoping to inspire others about health and wellness. To be frank, health is long-term. It shouldn't go in and out of fashion. You cannot buy health in a package delivered to your doorstep- you have to work for it! Join me as I post about health research, skincare, the benefits of a quality diet, and exercise. Animal posts as well as my love for coffee will most likely also be featured. xx

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