Salad Wrap Recipe

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share my salad wrap recipe for a light, plant-based dinner with added protein. It’s so simple and so healthy!

I first Sautée white onions and mushrooms in a frying pan until cooked through, as I defrost frozen jumbo shrimp (I get mine from Sam’s Club).

I then cook the shrimp on another pan with garlic and avocado oil, with a touch of taco seasoning. This is the protein I chose for this meal, however, chicken or tofu would be great choices as well.

Other things you’ll need:

➳1 container of bib lettuce (or butter lettuce)

➳shredded carrots


➳black olives

➳ soft asian style noodles (I find these in the asian/international grocery aisle)

➳salad wrap sauce (I like the Lee Kum Kee Panda salad wrap sauce)

Use the bib lettuce pieces as the base and add all the ingredients listed above and enjoy!

Eat plants and prosper xx





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K State of Mind

Hi beautiful people! I’m Kelly, a public health graduate hoping to inspire others about health and wellness. To be frank, health is long-term. It shouldn't go in and out of fashion. You cannot buy health in a package delivered to your doorstep- you have to work for it! Join me as I post about health research, skincare, the benefits of a quality diet, and exercise. Animal posts as well as my love for coffee will most likely also be featured. xx

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