Health Benefits of Traveling

Welcome to my health and wellness blog!  As my first post, I wanted to share my favorite moments from my fall semester study abroad trip to Melbourne, Australia.

I was in Australia for five months at La Trobe University, including my week bus trip to New Zealand. Studying abroad is an amazing life lesson as well as an overall enriching experience.

Melbourne was a 50 minute tram or bus ride from La Trobe University. It’s known globally for its coffee and artistic scenes. Below is the downtown Melbourne waterfront, and the bridge is lined with locks from previous visitors (like the one in Paris!) ❤

Melbourne Night

Okay, so let’s break it down to why traveling benefits our health:

  • There has been a link between traveling and decreased risk of heart attacks and depression. It also stimulates your brain function.
  • Traveling alters our standards and customs of living. When we change our environments, our minds become more open to change itself, broadening our view of the world and what we can achieve in it.
  • Traveling means unpredictability. As we adapt to plans and itineraries being more flexible, we become more mentally flexible!
  • Empathy and our sense of awareness are benefitted as we expand our perspectives from our inner worlds and personal problems. We see and experience the suffering and cultures of others, and we become more empathetic.
  • While traveling in a different country, you are subjected to their food. Adding new nutrients from various foods your body isn’t used to is a health boost.
    • Featured below: My first cannoli in a Melbourne night market, excellent hipster humor outside a laid back pub with killer beer battered fries, and my personal favorite being the melbourne style cappuccino.
  • Traveling gives you so many opportunities to be active in different ways. Whether it is hiking to breathtaking views or simply walking around through the inner depths of the city, you’re moving your body.
  • Culture shock is a package deal when traveling somewhere new. This teaches us patience and actually enjoying the act of stepping out of the comfort zone. Speaking of comfort zones, potentially poisonous snakes and rocky cliffs would fall in this category, so sorry mom and dad, this happened….

    There were unstable cliffs on the Great Ocean Road, I kissed a fake snake because I felt like it and snakes were actually venomous so there was a sign to tell to foreigners that it wasn’t just a myth.

  • Friendships/relationships with people abroad: Last but definitely never least, building friendships and relationships will be cherished past these trips. Additionally, you will have places to stay when you’re passing through on future adventures. Perks of having international friends 😉

I have zero regrets from my traveling experiences. Well if I’m being honest, I could have done without being told my bags were over the weight limit traveling back to the states. Having my Australian friend ship me a bag was a little problematic, but mistakes often happen in airports, right?

Overall, traveling gives you the opportunity to gain new perspective. Gaining perspective helps approaching situations differently. It’s healthy to be able to be more open, more willing to try new things.

Another point is modesty. The world is massive, full of life. It’s full of issues, but also respect and beauty. Gustave Flaubert once said “travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

Occupy this world with respect, openness, and willingness to let go of the control and embrace something you’ll never forget.

Thanks for reading and I’m excited to write and connect with you all! xx


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Hi beautiful people! I’m Kelly, a public health graduate hoping to inspire others about health and wellness. To be frank, health is long-term. It shouldn't go in and out of fashion. You cannot buy health in a package delivered to your doorstep- you have to work for it! Join me as I post about health research, skincare, the benefits of a quality diet, and exercise. Animal posts as well as my love for coffee will most likely also be featured. xx

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