Why I started a health and wellness blog

I have decided to create a health blog because I love to write. I love to research, organize myself, utilize pro and con lists, and journal about my thoughts that keep me awake at night. I’ve always loved to write essays in school and I think poetry is a form of art. Do you?

I think literature has an incandescence. It’s ignited from the tip of a pen or the flurry of fingers on a keyboard. Connecting through these platforms is a gift of the current century.

I think health should never be outdated. It should never be seen as a prescription bottle or the number on a scale. It’s a feeling, and a progressive one at that. One can improve their health every day, mentally and physically. There are many ways to do this, whether it is recommended from the ancient temples of buddhism or hidden in the coasts of the mediterranean. I love my passion for living a healthy life, and I want to be a part of a much larger inspirational community online that motivates people to feel the same way.

Being mindful of one’s behavior is so important, not merely to function or perform, but to thrive. I’m so excited to share my thoughts to readers about so many ways we can make a healthy difference for ourselves!



Published by

K State of Mind

Hi beautiful people! I’m Kelly, a public health graduate hoping to inspire others about health and wellness. To be frank, health is long-term. It shouldn't go in and out of fashion. You cannot buy health in a package delivered to your doorstep- you have to work for it! Join me as I post about health research, skincare, the benefits of a quality diet, and exercise. Animal posts as well as my love for coffee will most likely also be featured. xx

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